We Make International Shipping a Profitable Experience

Vans LTL’s out-of-the-box thinking saves cross-border shippers time, money and hassles. Does the prospect of shipping one package or less than a trailer (LTL) to Canada from the United States or from the USA to Canada seem confusing, time-consuming and just a little overwhelming? Has it been difficult to find trustworthy carriers or competitive rates when shipping cross-border? What about lost items, damages, and returns? Vans LTL has more than 30 years’ experience eliminating these kinds of headaches and offering cross-border transportation solutions that make a difference!
Vans LTL solves problems – we don’t avoid them or penalize you for cross-border issues. We make international shipping a profitable experience.
Whether you have 2 shipments or 2,000 or shipments weighing 2lbs or 44,000lbs, we can save you 30% or more on freight rates and up to 90% reduction in brokerage fees while almost eliminated damages and lost shipments.

Link Welding Accessories saved over $200,000/yr for more than 36 years with Vans LTL – helping them weather financial uncertainties during the “tough” times!

Cross-Border Shipping with VanLTL

Our proven approach offers many advantages over shipping through UPS or FedEx or other couriers and LTL carriers.

In addition to getting product cross-border and to where it needs to go, we offer warehouse and distribution services in both Canada and the USA.

  • Reduced shipping rates (save 40% or more)
  • Reduced brokerage rates
  • Reduced damages / claims (eliminate 99.9% of damage claims)
  • Reduce cost of returns
  • The entire shipment arrives together (reduce lost items)
  • Managed duty drawbacks
  • Save time, reduce hassles
  • Save money


Our satisfied customers are wholesalers and multiple shipment shippers who need consistent next day service and consolidation of multiple shipments from mail to truckloads of skids at lower costs.