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Next Day Service
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For more than 30 years, Vans LTL Courier has provided next day service for shipments to and from the United States for shippers of all kinds. Our experienced personnel is dedicated to quickly resolving Customs issues as they occur. You always deal directly with one of our experienced service representatives and not with a recording. If a customs issue occurs we will immediately inform your personnel for resolution.

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Vans LTL enabled MacDonald’s Corp. to achieve uniform delivery from Virginia to Canada in two days for hundreds of deliveries a day!

Save Time and Money
We Provide Solutions

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Our consolidation service saves time and money on multiple cartons and skids cleared on Customs entry. This saves you money in brokerage fees as well as the individual carton charge on multiple carton orders.

  • 30+ years experience

  • Shipping from Canada to the USA

  • Shipping from the USA to Canada

  • Warehouse & distribution services

  • We can monitor your shipments or show you how

  • We provide solutions – not excuses!


Our satisfied customers are wholesalers and multiple shipment shippers who need consistent next day service and consolidation of multiple shipments from mail to truckloads of skids at lower costs.