We guarantee that we will save you money,
& get your shipments to your customers faster.

We Ship Items with Care
Do you have that you need shipped, but you don’t know who to call?

Do you have  that you need shipped, but you don’t know who to call? Call us here at Vans, where we can save you money and sanity by taking care of all the associated shipping needs you may not be aware of.

We understand that shipping items requiring a lot of care can be unsettling. Our specially selected team of individuals has been trained to package and protect your package to make sure the level of quality is preserved throughout the shipment.

Save up to 60% by switching to Vans!

Van Can Handle:
– Co-ordination of pickup & Delivery
– Crating
– Tailgate Services
– Paperwork
– Insurance of Freight
– Paperwork (if required)
– Finding a Broker (if required

What we require before pickup:

– Weight and Dimensions (L W H)
– Value
– Brief Description
– Country of Origin
– Customs Invoice
– Ownership provided (if required)

We are equipped for both dockside and curbside pickups and drop offs.

Canada and USA Border

At Vans we handle all shipping needs, so whether your needs are big or small, we’re the logistics company for you. We offer discounted prices for students and seniors as well as discounts for shipping estate items. Probable savings of up to 60% in comparison to FedEx & UPS rates.


Our satisfied customers are wholesalers and multiple shipment shippers who need consistent next day service and consolidation of multiple shipments from mail to truckloads of skids at lower costs.