Save Time and Transport Costs!
Let Us Take The Worry Out Of LTL Shipments into the U.S.

Shipping to the United States
supporting Canadian companies shipping to the USA for more than 30 years

Shipping to the USA should be easy, after all they are our number one trading partner, however, for many companies, the need to ship one package or less than a trailer (LTL) to the United States and servicing your American customers seem confusing, time-consuming and just a little overwhelming? Has it been difficult to find trustworthy carriers or competitive rates when shipping to the United States?
At Vans LTL we can identify with your concerns and offer real cross-border shipping solutions. We have been supporting Canadian companies shipping to the USA for more than 30 years. Whether you are shipping two shipments or two thousand, our approach to ordering consolidation saves you time, money and hassles when shipping your product to the United States.

International shipping from Canada

Detroit Red Wings saved over $175,000/yr on brokerage and freight from Canadian suppliers of skates, sticks, and pads with Vans LTL!

Ship to the United States with Vans LTL
Save time, reduce hassles

Ship to the United States with Vans LTL and your orders can be consolidated with other shipments going to the USA at our Windsor, ON warehouse and moved together to Our Warren, MI warehouse where they are separate and shipped to their final destination. Our proven approach offers many advantages over shipping through UPS or FedEx or other couriers and LTL carriers:

  • Reduced shipping rates (save 40% or more)
  • Reduced brokerage rates
  • Reduced damages / claims (eliminate 99.9% of damage claims)
  • Reduce cost of returns

  • The entire shipment arrives together (reduce lost items)
  • Managed duty drawbacks
  • Save time, reduce hassles
  • Save money


Our satisfied customers are wholesalers and multiple shipment shippers who need consistent next day service and consolidation of multiple shipments from mail to truckloads of skids at lower costs.